5 Lagos Must Haves

5 Lagos Must Haves

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5 Lagos Must Haves

Posted by admin | September 7, 2016 | Holiday Ideas, Tips
National Theater, Lagos

No matter where you travel to in the world, there are some stables that you need to carry around with you. When visiting or living in the metropolitan city called Lagos, there are a few essentials you need to carry around with you.

CashNaira Cash

If you ever find yourself in Lagos, you need to have cash on you all the time. Several situations can arise that will require you to part with money.  First of all, you will need money to move around, either to pay for public transportation or to fuel your personal car. Other money draining situations include parking fees, toll gate fees, and public buses not having your change and marrying you to the next passenger. Then there is LASMA, the fear of LASMA is the beginning of wisdom, you are sure to part with your money if you ever get stopped by them. You will need cash to feed the urge or tendency to buy things you might not need in traffic out of sheer boredom. These items range from ice-cold water to yam, pillows, aprons, paintings, tomatoes and apples. So it is recommended to have cash on you at all times even in this presumed cashless society because ATMs are sure to disappoint at any point in time.

Battery Pack.Power Bank

Battery pack is also called power bank or portable battery,  It is a must to carry on your person at all times. In the age of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, your phone battery is going to run out sooner than later. Coupled with interrupted power supply, this item is highly recommended as we have become a generation glued to mobile phones.  Imagine being stuck in Lagos traffic with a dead device and you are the passenger, the boredom for several hours does not sound appealing. It is also recommended you charge your mobile phone and battery pack simultaneously.

Flip FlopsLight Green Flip Flops

Flip flops, commonly known as slippers should be in your bag or in the car. Why? because of the rain. With rain comes puddles of water that have to where to go. You would not want to destroy those expensive designer shoes or inexpensive Balogun shoes while hopping around trying to step on dry land. Ladies can testify to their shoes going south due to its contact with water. It also more comfortable driving with flip flops in a 2 – 6 hour traffic jam in Lagos.

MedicationDrug / Medication

I can not count the number of times I have had to hand out medication to others. I am called a walking pharmacy for a reason. I am well equipped for any illness I have a tendency of acquiring. The hustle and bustle of Lagos can give you a headache, so be ready to have Paracetamol handy at all times. If you like eating out, Imodium and hydration salts should be on stand by on your person. Be ready for anything, if you are prone to certain illnesses, carry around the remedy because Healthplus and Medplus are in strategic places and not everywhere. Although I have seen some walking, hawking pharmacy, but they are far and in between.

Bottled WaterBottled Water

I highly recommend getting bottled water when moving around Lagos. Dehydration can occur when moving around in the hot sun, especially if you are in traffic with no AC in the car. On the bright side bottled water can be bought in traffic from street hawkers. This can mean extra trips to the toilet. If you are in traffic, slips of water will do to eliminate looking for a clean toilet to make use of.

These are just some of the important and vital things to have on you while moving around in Lagos. Be sure to leave in the comment section other things you feel is a “must have on” in this city called Lagos.

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