Now, there are some destinations that just ring a bell and pop straight to your mind whenever you think of vacationing in Africa such as exploring the ancient Egyptian pyramids, or the wildlife safaris in Kenya but hold on just a minute, there may be some very fascinating places in Africa you may have missed, let’s start there!

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and this is both in landmass and population.

It is also home to 54 different countries with thousands of different languages, cultures and landscapes.

Africa tops as one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world, for sightseeing, wildlife adventure, beach relaxation or ancient historical discoveries.

So have a look at some underrated destinations, you should add to your bucket list, that are absolutely divine to explore!

1) Mauritius

Known as one of the most beautiful islands on earth, this destination proves to be the ideal honeymoon or baecation spot for young couples in Africa!

One special thing about Mauritius is its diverse population and cultural heritage.

Mauritius is an island country located on the Indian ocean with the highest population density in Africa. It boasts of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. This African destination is just the perfect spot for relaxation, unforgettable yacht tours, zip lining and sea kayaking.


2) Gambia

Only a handful of people know of this hidden gem in Africa, the Gambia. This holiday spot is also known as the smiling coast of Africa and it’s the smallest country within mainland Africa.

Gambia is known for having the continent’s most tourists-welcoming people. The friendly and smiling nature of its locals gave Gambia the nickname, ‘the smiling coast of Africa’.

The shorelines of Gambia are glazed with white sandy beaches and blue waters. Banjul, the capital city attracts more tourists everyday!


3) Lesotho

This amazing mountain paradise is one of the three sovereign Kingdoms left in Africa, landlocked by South Africa.

This is the ‘it spot’ for nature lovers, as there are so many natural wonders to set your eyes on, such as the famous Maletsunyane Falls, the Maluti Mountains, and much more!
This country is also home to very rich cultural heritage.


4) Mozambique

This Southeast African jewel is a beautiful and relaxing place for leisure travellers. Honeymoons in Mozambique have become a popular demand in Africa for quiet and romantic getaways.

It’s best known for its quality fresh seafood and richness in natural resources.


5) Namibia

This unique destination is all shades of iconic and different in a very beautiful way.

To begin, Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert, the Namib desert is over 80 million years old. This rusted orange sandy desert attracts hundreds of tourists to experience and see what an ancient phenomenon it really is.

Namibia also has the world’s tallest sand Dunes and has one of the largest rock art concentrations in Africa!

This is a destination that will make you feel like you’re on another planet entirely. If you’re interested in having a jaw-dropping natural wonder experience, then Namibia is the place for you!

Namib desert

Next time you’re on the hunt for where to explore in the large African continent, consider checking out the less talked about destinations that will have an unforgettable footprint on your heart.

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