6 Top Notch Ways to save money for travel

6 Top Notch Ways to save money for travel

Book smarter, travel better.

6 Top Notch Ways to save money for travel

Posted by Ultra Admin | April 8, 2019 | Tips
save money for travel

Have you been thinking about taking that perfect vacation? Is your dream to meet new people, experience a completely different world to yours, relax and watch the sun go down on a beach or perhaps just talk and share experiences with a stranger you have just met?  All Sound like a great idea! But the only problem you have is the funds to make this dream happen?

They say travelling isn’t a matter of money but a matter of courage. If you are willing to take on the courage of traveling and cutting down on unnecessary expenses then these 6 essential tips can help you realize your dreams.



  • Open a savings account dedicated for your travel

One simple and sure way to save money for travel is to open up a bank account dedicated for the trip. You can even choose an interest bearing account so that the longer your money stays in the account the more it grows. More importantly, avoid requesting for a credit or debit card for the account by doing this you are less likely to withdraw money. A dedicated travel savings account is also a great way to keep track of what you have spent on a vacation.


  • Cut your habit in half


save money for travel

saving  money for travel

Maybe your habit is impulsive shopping, eating out often or even buying cigarettes. You can cut it into half and save the amount into a savings account set aside for travel purposes, once you learn how to cultivate this habit of cutting your budget into half you will see how it really does make the difference!



  • Subscribe to Travel newsletters

No one likes their inbox cluttered up with messages but by subscribing to a mailing list or subscribing to newsletters, email alerts through travel portals such as ours you can get updates on travel deals, travel discounts, and vacation packages. Click here to see our hot amazing packages.



  • Avoid lavish spending

Try as much as possible to avoid lavish spending while saving money for travel. Spend money less at home so you can enjoy more on vacation. For example avoid unnecessary shopping, cut down on expensive beverages like alcohol, cook more often and spend less on going out to lunch or dinner at restaurants.


  • Book for your flight tickets on time

Another great way to save money for travel is to book your flight tickets at least 3 to 4 months before your travel departure date. This can also guarantee you an extra spend during your vacation.


  • Make a list of your expenses and stick to a budget.

In order for you to keep your expenses on track it’s essential to come up with a budget. You can try to make a list of things you can’t live without and shape your expenses to indulge them. For example you may decide to forfeit going out to dinner every night just because you know that you would go crazy if you went a day without internet subscription. If you succeed in creating a list of things you love most and coming up with a budget to indulge them then you are guaranteed to succeed at saving enough to travel.


Abiding by these few but essential tips is all the courage you need to take on your dreams of touring the world.  So go ahead and start saving money for travel. The world is waiting for you.


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