Easter is really the best time to unwind and chill in a great way after all the Christmas, New year and Valentine buzz! It’s one of the best times of the year for family or friend trips.

If you crave the feeling of seeing the Easter season in a new and unforgettable way, then keep reading to discover what beautiful destinations should be on your radar this season.

This is your sign to live life and start planning the most extraordinary Easter getaway with us. Destinations to choose from vary from dazzling tropical islands, to Safari wildlife parks and even laid back spots for relaxation. The choice is really yours and we will ensure you have the best flights, hotel and tour deals! So let’s a take a look at some of the best destinations to explore for Easter holiday 2024:


Maldives is one of the most charming Easter destinations to chill in, especially if you’re in for that tropical island vibe. Activities include lots of fun water sports, snorkeling, Male City tour, submarine tours, swimming and relaxing on the sparkling blue beaches. The delicious seafood is another reason to visit the Maldives, which would have your tummy craving for more.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to Maldives


Kenya is the place to be in April, this remarkable destination has everything out of the ordinary that will blow your mind away. Located in East Africa, it has a blend of all you could be looking for, from crystal clear beaches, to tall mountains, to fun safari wildlife and much more. It’s perfect for families with children or even young couples looking for adventure.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to Kenya


Located in Tanzania and has taken a worthy position as one of the best tourist spots in the world, Zanzibar’s stunning tropical islands will make you feel like you’re dreaming away in paradise.

This is the best destination for an enjoyable break, with plenty of sunshine, great food and friendly locals.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to Zanzibar
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Classy speaks when it comes to Qatar, it’s the ideal destination for a family break this Easter. It stands out as one destination that’s sunny all year round with lots of cultural attractions while you tour the beautiful cities.

Get set to explore museums, fine dinning, the city’s iconic  skyline and fancy shopping malls.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to Qatar


If you’ve been looking for a destination that screams luxury, then there you have it! When you think of Singapore, imagine a wonderful tourist destination, with diverse culture, a world class airport with a waterfall view and luxurious shopping malls.

Imagine fun city tours, relaxation, a breath of fresh air and pictures, pictures and more pictures.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to Singapore


Interested to take a quick break not so far away from home? Ghana is your best bet. It’s an English speaking country, with bubbling night life, cool beaches, delicious meals (you can finally have a taste of that Ghana jollof) and tons of historical sites to explore!

The is the best destination for travelling solo, as a couple or even with your family.

Travelbeta Best Destinations for Easter Lagos to 

Whether you’re looking for fun or relaxation this Easter, these top destinations have a bit of something for everyone. Set out to try something new this festive season and explore a new destination with your loved ones.

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