Christmas feels like the perfect reward for a year as unprecedented as 2020. Given that the year has been quite eventful in unconventional ways, many are looking forward to taking their annual Christmas vacation so that they can spend the holidays with family, and friends.

With the corona virus still lurking around, quite a number of people are hesitant to book that flight for Christmas and are even more discouraged by the mandatory COVID-19 safety protocols.

Before the pandemic, travelling for the holidays was common practice, even though it is considered to be one of the most expensive times of the year to fly. However, this year, many travellers are holding off on making that booking for the holidays.

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For some, the decision has already been made early, rather than later, that they would open Christmas presents, eat Christmas dinner and sing Jingle Bells with loved ones via video calls. Nevertheless, for those who still desire to travel for the holidays, and haven’t booked that flight yet, the best time to do that was a few months ago but the second best time is now.

It is common knowledge that flight fares at this time of the year are typically very high, but some believe that this time around, the pandemic will have an impact on flight pricing and cause flight fares to drop significantly. This assumption is flawed given how flight fares on flights from outbound Nigeria are currently still high.

There have been varying opinions on how the pandemic will impact flight pricing. Using Price determination by the forces of demand and supply, some believe that with low demand, airlines will attract more passengers with low pricing.

Another assumption is that because airlines can’t operate at full capacity due to the limitation on capacity deployment, airlines will be compelled to increase flight fares to compensate for the loss of flying at half capacity. Regardless of the outcome, we’ve got the most competitive flight, hotel, and holiday package deals for you, this Yuletide.

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It’s the season to be merry! So don’t miss out and let’s help you catch flights.

We value your health and the health of others, so when you’ve finally made that decision to travel, be it domestic or international travel , please check and abide by health guidelines and COVID-19 safety protocols.

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