Travel apathy happens for different reasons but one reason that seldom gets mentioned is the outright exhaustion caused by numerous visa applications. The strength of your passport determines the number of countries you can access without visa restrictions.
Sadly, passport holders of certain countries do not enjoy this privilege. The downside of this is the number of countries you need to apply to and wait for visa approval before you can jump on a plane. Over time, this process starts to become cumbersome, repetitive, and expensive.

It is easy to get discouraged from travelling after expending all of these resources (time, money, and energy) in getting a visa.

For Nigerian passport holders, this may be more challenging but don’t let that deter you from exploring the world. You can still fulfill your wanderlust without filling out visa application forms, all you need is your passport, flight ticket, hotel reservation, and luggage.

Here are the top 5 visa-free countries for Nigerians and fun activities to do there:


This island nation is fast becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in Africa. There are about ten islands that makeup Cape Verde and each island is unique with fine beaches and scenic dunes. It has the perfect weather for tourists because of its many beaches and low amount of rainfall.

The people of Cape Verde are generally accommodating and friendly, so it is easy for you to feel at ease while you explore the country.

The requirement for entry for Nigerians is a valid passport and the maximum stay without a tourist visa is 90 days.

Visit Cape Verde

Fun things to do in Cape Verde:

  • Learn how to kite surf in Kite Beach: If you’re up for some adventure, Kite Beach on Sal Island offers kite surf and wave kite lessons for beginners with professional kite instructors. When you’re not kite surfing, you can relax on the sun patio with cool drinks and fresh treats from the bar.
  • Go horse riding on Santa Maria Beach
  • Explore Santa Maria: Visit Sal Beach club at night to enjoy live music. Shop at the many craft shops, and eat lots of delicious seafood from restaurants.
  • Go turtle, whale watching, and dune buggy in Boa Vista.
  • Hike on Pico De Fogo which is described as the highest peak of Cape Verde. The view is breathtaking from the top. To hike on Pico De Fogo, all you need is a tour guide, a good pair of hiking boots, drinking water, and physical strength.


Considered to be the birthplace of rum, this Carribean nation has a lot to offer tourists. This English speaking Island nation is known for its diverse beaches and turquoise water. In addition to its beaches, Barbados has historical sites and monuments, wildlife reserves, and plantations. You can visit Barbados any time of the year, as it is generally warm and sunny. Locals who prefer to be called Bajans rather than Barbadians, are very welcoming to tourists.

Barbados has a national dish called cou cou and flying fish which is served together. Okra and cornmeal are used to make cou cou.

You must obtain a transit visa from either Canada, Uk, or the US because there’s no direct flight from Nigeria to the island.

Visit Barbados

Fun things to do in Barbados:

  • Set out for some adventure and go caving at Animal flower cave and Harrison’s cave.
  • For animal lovers, a stop at Barbados Wildlife Reserve is worth a visit. Iguanas, parrots, monkeys, Agoutis, and tortoises are some of the famous wildlife to see there.
  • Visit Farley Hill National Park and learn about this historic place. Great place for a picnic if you fancy one.
  • If you’re interested in horse racing, go watch horse races at Garrison Savannah. visit during any of the three seasons: January – April, May – September, and November – December.
  • Go surfing on the south and east coast of the island. You can also watch and get entertained with surfing competitions.


Located in West Africa, this Anglophone country boasts of its rich history and diverse cultural heritage. The Gambia is made up of diverse landscapes consisting of swamps, large areas of wooded Savannah, and tropical forests. It is also blessed with an abundance of wildlife and over 540 bird species. The fine sandy beaches where fishing activities are done, are also worthy of mention.

The Gambia is teeming with exciting activities including traditional festivals, wrestling matches, drumming, and dancing performances. The fun is endless.

Visit The Gambia

Fun things to do in The Gambia:

  • Take a pirogue cruise down The Gambia River to see the aquatic life and watch fishermen at work.
  • Explore Bijilo Forest Park and walk through the gallery forest.
  • Experience Banjul’s nightlife. Visit bars and nightclubs, and watch live music performances by local bands.
  • Go birdwatching at Tanji Bird Reserve


Situated in the West of Africa, lies Senegal with Senegal River forming its northern border. This country is blessed with a wide range of plant and animal life. Wolof is widely spoken in Senegal. It is a destination with unique historical and natural sites.

Visit Senegal

Fun things to do in Senegal:

  • Go birdwatching in places like the Langue the Barbarie Madeleine island, the lagoon of La Somone and DjouDj National Park.
  • Explore historical sites like Goree Island which is the largest slave trading center in West Africa, and the 18th-century House of Slaves to discover more about their history.
  • Visit the African Renaissance monument which is taller than the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer, combined and referred to as Africa’s highest statue.
  • Go swimming or snorkeling in any of the fine beaches.


Cameroon lies between central Africa and west Africa. Its official languages are English and French. It is known for its cultural and geographical diversity. From nature’s pocket, Cameroon has mountains, rainforests, Savannas, beaches, and deserts.

Visit Cameroon

Fun things to do in Cameroon:

  • Go on a gorilla safari in Lobeke National Park
  • Explore the beautiful scenery in central highlands
  • Visit Limbe Botanical Garden which has a variety of aquatic plants, and Cameroonian wild fruits. You get details of every plant from a tour guide.
  • A visit to Limbe Wildlife Center will grant you access to rescued animals like baboons, chimpanzees, and gorillas.

It’s time to visit these beautiful countries and enjoy all they have to offer. Grab that luggage and off you go!

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