The Island nation, popularly known for its palm-fringed beaches, reefs and tidal ponds can be regarded as one of Africa’s top tourist destinations. Boasting of a perfect beach weather for the vast majority of the year, this is just an ideal destination for honeymooners who are looking to explore this part of Africa. Mauritius offers a rich blend of both romantic and adventurous activities for newlyweds who are looking to enjoy such range of activities.

Be sure to get a relaxing time over blue lagoons, coral islets and untainted beaches. It is interesting to know that Mauritius offers much more than its tropical beauty. While on your honeymoon, you can experience a delightful time getting a glimpse into the world of fishes, partake in water sports, and visit cafes, busy bars, eateries, clubs, and many more. From a quiet stroll in the garden to hiking or mountaineering, Mauritius is activity filled with rich options just for honeymooners.

Here are some fun activities to do in Mauritius while on your honeymoon:

Hiking on Le Morne

Visit Le Morne and go hiking with a guide. The view is breathtaking and picturesque. You get to see different shades of blue and the incredible underwater cascade which is a visual illusion created by the torrent pulling the sand to the deep sea.

It is definitely worth visiting with your partner.

Full Day Catamaran Cruise

Ever heard of the Full-day Catamaran Cruise that comes with BBQ lunch and lots of drinks? Your honeymoon trip to Mauritius would be incomplete if you don’t go on a boat cruise to explore the Islands near the coast of Mauritius. You can also go snorkeling, and pay a visit to historic places like Ile aux Fouquet’s, and Grand River South East waterfall.

A boat trip is a fun and relaxing way to spend the day in Mauritius.

Cruising on Mauritian Coast
Cruising on Mauritian Coast

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Enjoy the tranquility in one of the most visited tourist attractions in Mauritius which boasts over 650 plant species as well as 85 varieties of palm trees that have been planted by some world leaders and royalties like Nelson Mandela, Princess Margaret, and Indira Gandhi. You may see a display of tropical birds fluttering from tree to tree, giant tortoises, fish in the ponds, and ducks wandering around the garden. Aside from the greenery, the fish lake is beautifully laid, making it a wonderful sight to behold. This is heaven in a garden.

Ile Aux Cerfs

Prominently known as Treasure Island, you must not miss a visit to this fascinating place. This beautiful island is popular for its stunning white sandy beaches, palm trees and turquoise blue water. Unwind at the beach with your partner while you set up a grill and make barbecue.

This island has many restaurants with amazing views, perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Chamarel Village

This village is primarily home to two natural wonders: Chamarel Waterfalls which is the most elevated water body in Mauritius with a lopsided volcanic surface and Chamarel Coloured Earths which came to be, as a result of some land loccha with a rich blend of purple, yellow, orange and red colours. It also houses Black River Gorges National Park. Couples on their honeymoon who want to take a dip in the cool waters of Chamarel waterfalls should visit.

Check out the wildlife Safari in Black River Gorges National Park or go birding.
You can also take a walk to Rhumerie de Chamarel and drink some rum with your partner.
If you’re planning a honeymoon in Mauritius, you might wish to include this on your itinerary.

Chamarel coloured earths
Chamarel coloured earths

Submarine Ride

This is for couples who are super adventurous. Nothing beats this surreal experience as you go underwater to peak at the underwater world of fishes, and turtles. You get to see different species of fishes underwater, fine coral reefs and colourful views of marine life.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Having been influenced by Creoles, Africans, Chinese, and Indians, Mauritius does offer a special blend of foods. Ensure you experience both street foods and fine dining. One tasty street food to try is Dholli puri, a pancake made from yellow split peas, seasoned with turmeric, usually served with hot tomato sauce. For fine dining, some restaurants or hotels have in-house set up to enjoy a private romantic dinner with your partner. There are many other food places to try out where you can eat delicious Mauritian meals.


Shopping is one of the most enjoyable things to do during travel. So while you’re on your honeymoon, indulge yourselves on this Island that is a shopping haven. There are quality items to buy while on a budget or you can go window shopping around town.

A Visit to Port Louis

The beautiful capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, has quite a number of activities that couples can take part in when on honeymoon. The cosmopolitan feel of this Capital city mixed with a hint of vintage will undoubtedly make honeymooners, astounded. This city is home to sanctuaries, busy clothe and food markets, and a shopping mall that offers full-day dining option with open-air food court, a movie theater, museums, and art galleries. Visit the beaches, go for a walk or cycle around the city and enjoy all that Port Louis has to offer.

Beach resort
Enjoy the calmness of the beach

Go Zip lining in Vallée Des Couleurs

Vallée Des Couleurs is a nature park that has a lot of adventurous activities to do. Such as zip lining, quad biking, bugging, and luge karting. If you’re in for some daring adventure, take a walk with your partner on Nepalese bridge which is the longest suspended bridge in the Indian Ocean, with a suspension on a height of 80-100 metres above the forest canopy.

Underwater Waterfall

Located near the shores of Le Morne Brabant in the South-West of Mauritius, lies this alluring Underwater Waterfall. Hop on a helicopter and fly over this mystical water body that was created by underwater currents leading to the movement of silt and sand silt sediments.

Visit Champ De Mars

Champ de Mars is the second oldest racecourse in the world. It is a thoroughbred horse racing track in Mauritius Turf Club, not far from the city center. Attend horse races with supporters of all ages and in September, go watch the most popular race of the year – The Maiden Cup.

Well, now you know what to do if your honeymoon falls in September.

Champ de Mars 'Maiden Cup' horse race
Champ de Mars ‘Maiden Cup‘ horse race, every September

Sega Dancing

What better way to appreciate Mauritian culture than to participate in this dance activity? This is not just a dance but a tradition. The rhythmic swaying of the hips to the pulsating rhythm of the Ravanne which is a musical instrument that always accompanies the Sega dance, will make one enjoy every bit of this dance action. Usually, some hotels organize the Sega dance by allowing performances by Sega dancers who in turn, invite hotel guests to partake in the dance with them.

Entertain yourselves with this activity as your partner can double as a dance partner.

Sega dancing in Mauritius
Sega dancing

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