Solo trips are fun and freeing but they aren’t without their pitfalls and therefore, require special attention to safety. Knowing that all travels come with certain risks, it is important to plan well, make informed decisions and adhere to safety precautions.

Here are important safety tips for solo travellers:

  • Plan your arrival at daytime – You don’t want to arrive in an unfamiliar city when the streets are dark and deserted. Daytime gives you a clearer view of your new environment and there’ll be more people around compared to nighttime, thereby, giving you that sense of safety.
  • Buy adequate travel insurance – It gets you the needed security and cover in the event of a medical emergency, natural disaster, political coup, theft, or any mishap and inconvenience. The need for travel insurance can not be over-emphasized.
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  • It is good to have a travel budget and stick to it but be willing to spend more when your safety is threatened. It is advisable to take an Uber or pay for a taxi at night rather than walking alone. Avoid dark alleys and lonely pathways.
  • Share your travel plans/itinerary with your close circle – Inform your family and friends about your travel plans and don’t forget to update them if you make changes to your itinerary. That way, they know where and what you’re up to.
  • Trust your instincts at all times because most times, they never fail. When something or someone feels off, trust it.
  • Try as much as possible to conceal your valuables especially when taking walks on busy city streets. Flaunting them will make you more visible to a mugger.
  • Read up on popular scams and tricks within the city you’re visiting. This knowledge could come in handy and make you less of a prey.
  • Cut down your alcohol intake, especially on nights you’re out. Being intoxicated could put you in harm’s way and hinder your ability to react quickly when you need to flee the situation and run out to safety. Never leave your drink unattended and keep an eye on it always.
  • Be alert and look confident always – Criminals tend to target people who appear to be most vulnerable. When you exude confidence, you become less of an easy target. Avoid wearing earphones on both ears as this might make you oblivious to happenings in your environment. You need to hear the blaring of horns, plane announcements, or sirens; you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way.
Highly confident woman
Look confident
  • Don’t overshare and avoid certain conversations – As much as you’d like to get talking with random strangers or make friends with locals, there are certain topics you should avoid, particularly discussions on politics, culture, and religion. Not everyone is liberal or open-minded and some may have a different view from yours and this may cause them to get riled up or uncomfortable; you don’t want to be at the butt of their reaction(s).

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