The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands

Posted by admin | August 26, 2016 | Holiday Ideas

The Cayman Islands tucked away in the Caribbean are a sight to see. Here are some reasons to visit these beautiful islands.


The Caribbean getaway islands are the perfect destination spots for both adventurous and vacationers.  The Caribbean Islands are an archipelago of three islands south of Cuba, comprising of he Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The Cayman Islands are safe, family-friendly.  The crystal clear waters and reefs are excellent for drivers to explore. If you need some extra tan or just want to bask in the hot summer sun with clear blue skies, then this is the perfect spot to experience a vacation filled the adventure, fun and so much more.

The Cayman is one of the most fashionable places to visit during the winter, from December to April when the weather is at its worst. During this period most resorts are fully booked, making it very expensive. The best time to visit the Cayman Island is between May and July. Hotel rates, airfares and cruise prices drop during these months. The sea is much calmer and clearer which is ideal for diving. Here are some reasons to visit the Cayman Islands.


Water Activities


The Cayman Islands are surrounded by gorgeous reefs. The excellent visibility of coral caverns, formations and tunnels, makes the Cayman Islands one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean. Try out paddle boarding, windsurfing, fishing and kitting. Ride horses as they swim in the open ocean during the day and experience kayaking at night. Ship wrecks, tropical fishes and underwater canyons are also some of the sights to enjoy with Atlantis Submarines. Stingray City is also another place to interact with nature by snorkeling in shallow waters with stingrays.



The Wharf Restaurant, Cayman Islands

This is one destination that has excellent restaurants. Tourists have a wide a range of restaurants to choose from.  The restaurants range from tiny family-run shanties to bistros with exquisite ambiance each serving delicious fresh seafood and local cuisines. There is a wide array of dining choices and menus, from authentic island food to Caribbean to Thai to Italian to Indian and much more. Diners are sure to enjoy flavors such as Cayman style fish, jerk chicken and marinated conch. Rum matured in barrels under the sea can add a nice touch to your dinner.


Safety and Comfort

Wyndham Reef Resort, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are extremely safe and the locals are very welcoming. There are top-notch accommodations and very little crime. Vacationers can feel safe hitchhiking and walking around the islands at all hours of the day and night. The safety ranks is one of the most important assets of the island. Although the Cayman Islands have its fair share of crime, it is still extraordinarily safe as addressing crime is a top priority for the government. Grand Cayman offers a wide range of lodging in all prices categories. Tourists are spoilt for choice, from luxury resorts, hotels, beach suites, fully equipped condos with kitchens facilities, villas, bed and breakfast and locally run guesthouses.



Seven Mile Beach Grand, Cayman

There are several beaches to explore on Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is one of the Caribbean’s best sandy beaches. It is one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean and it is also open to the public. It is located on the western shore of Grand Cayman, the biggest island of the Cayman Island. It features crystal waters and coral sand. It is surrounded by restaurants, resorts and several public beach bars. You can join a volleyball game with the locals or you can find a spot under a coconut tree and just enjoy the view. This seven Miles of sand is an avenue for shopping, dining and other water sport activities.

There is such much more to experience on the Cayman Island. Pack your bags and get ready for a trip of a life time. Book your summer Caribbean holiday to Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman Island with Travelbeta as there is nothing like to much sun.

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