In the exciting world of travel, preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and memorable experience. While packing the right clothes and booking comfortable accommodations are crucial, the modern traveller has another powerful tool at their disposal: travel apps and websites. From getting the best flight deals to planning your itinerary to navigating unfamiliar streets and finding hidden gems, the right selection of apps can transform your journey and make all the difference. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or going on your first trip, you can make your trip smoother, more efficient, and even more fun as we explore some must-have apps to download and websites to visit before your next adventure!

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Travelbeta homepage

Travelbeta Mobile App

Search and book flights, hotels, and holiday packages on the go with exclusive deals and discounts.
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TripIt/Google Trips

These apps are your personal travel assistant, organizing your itinerary including flights, accommodations, tour activities, and reservations, all in one place. Simply forward your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more to TripIt, and it will create a detailed itinerary for you. You can also access your itinerary offline, so you’re never left stranded without important information.


Get insider tips and reviews from fellow travellers on TripAdvisor. From top-rated restaurants and attractions to hidden gems off the beaten path, TripAdvisor provides valuable information to help you plan your itinerary and make informed decisions while on the road.

Google Maps/Citymapper

Google Maps is a must-have for any traveller. It offers detailed maps, real-time traffic updates, and turn-by-turn navigation, whether you’re walking, driving, or using public transportation. You can also discover nearby restaurants, attractions, and hotels, making it the perfect companion for exploring unfamiliar destinations.

Google Maps


Beat traffic jams with community-based navigation that provides real-time updates on accidents, road closures, and police activity.


Conveniently book and pay for rides from local drivers in hundreds of cities around the world. With just a few taps on your phone, you can request a ride and track your driver in real-time, ensuring you arrive at your destination safely and conveniently.

Google Translate/Microsoft Translator

No more language barriers with Google Translate, which offers translations for over 100 languages in real-time. Whether you need help reading signs, ordering food, or communicating with locals, Google Translate has got you covered with its text, voice, and image translation features.


Stay connected with loved ones back home through free messaging and calling (requires internet access).

whatsapp messaging app

Trail Wallet

Stay on budget during your travels with Trail Wallet, an expense tracking app designed specifically for travellers. Simply input your expenses as you go, and Trail Wallet will provide you with insights into your spending habits and help you stick to your budget, so you can focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about overspending.


Explore hiking and biking trails, even in offline mode, with detailed maps and user reviews.

VPN Apps

Secure your internet connection on public Wi-Fi networks, especially when accessing sensitive information such as your mobile banking.

XE Currency

Keep track of currency exchange rates with XE Currency, a reliable and easy-to-use currency converter app. It allows you to quickly convert between currencies and monitor changes in exchange rates, ensuring you always know how much you’re spending in local currency.


Create and customise packing lists based on your destination, weather, and trip duration.

What More Do You Need To Know?

  1. Check your phone plan and data usage before travelling abroad. Consider purchasing a local SIM card or a travel data plan to avoid roaming charges.
  2. Download apps beforehand when you have a stable internet connection, especially if you’re travelling to a destination with limited Wi-Fi access.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the features and functionalities of each app and website before your trip to maximise their benefits.

With access to the right websites and apps on your phone, you can navigate new places with confidence, overcome communication hurdles, and make the most of your travel experiences. Now, get packing and start exploring!

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