Gifting is one of the fundamentals of Christmas. Every Christmas, the spirit of love and joy envelops us and inspires us to go above and beyond for those we care about, and even strangers.

Gifting is one of the special ways of showing love this season but it is vital to know the right gifts to give yourself or your loved ones.

Santa never gives the wrong presents and so, being someone’s Santa requires sacrifice and thoughtfulness to pull off.

Finding the right travel gift for a frequent traveller this holiday season may be challenging but here are some of the best travel gift ideas for travellers, that will make travelling either local or international, more enjoyable and convenient.

1. Travel neck pillow

A quality travel neck pillow is ideal especially for long-haul flights because it provides the necessary neck support and improves rest. Neck pillows aid the support of the neck and head comfortably in a natural position, even on cramped plane rides.

Travel neck pillow
Neck pillow

2. Leather journal

Similar to capturing events using a camera while on a trip, leather journals are great for documenting ideas and details of your travel, daily happenings, and writing your favourite travel quotes. You get to create a collection of experiences, thoughts, stories, and discoveries while on a trip.

3. Universal travel USB adaptor

This is a must-have for travel and will make a perfect travel gift. A universal travel adaptor is essential for travel because outlets and voltage vary across many countries, it has a switch that allows you to change the shape of the adaptor to fit into any type of wall socket and also plug-in options for various devices. It is portable as it can fit into a bag or pocket.

4. Water bottle

It is necessary to have a filtered water bottle, especially when visiting regions or cities with poor water quality. It is rather important to find the right water bottle for travel that makes water safe to drink by removing waterborne microbiological contaminants like bacteria and parasites and also reducing the smell and aftertaste of chemicals concentrated in water.

Water bottle
A water bottle

5. Portable luggage scale

You need a luggage scale to help you travel smart. Before leaving for the airport, you can weigh in your bags and remove excess baggage or weight, right in the comfort of your home.

6. Foldable duffel bag

Duffel bags can be used as a backup while travelling. It has multiple uses such as laundry and grocery bag, makeshift beach bag, and can be used by campers when camping. It fits under airplane seats, has multiple external pockets, and excellent for organized travellers.

7. Wireless noise cancelling headphones

These are the best companion for frequent flyers. They’re great for reducing background noise, tuning out loud screams or noise from airplane engines and allowing you to focus on sounds you want to hear from music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

8. Sunglasses

Sunglasses double as a fashion item and protective eyewear designed primarily to protect the eyes against UV rays from the sun and bright lights that discomfort the eyes. They’re an essential travel item priced at different ranges to suit your budget.


9. Travel blazers

Travel blazers are convenient for travel because they’re lightweight, wrinkle-free, can be rolled up easily, machine washable, and have pockets that are useful to store personal items like a boarding pass, passport, and phone.

10. Travel Hammock

It makes a wonderful gift for travellers because it helps you to fall asleep faster, prevents uncomfortable tossing and turning in discomfort and gives better rest. It is suitable for use as a swing seat, and excellent for relaxing on boats, and beaches.

11. Travel Headlamps

A good headlamp always comes in handy on a trip. Useful for outdoor activities in dark conditions such as taking a walk, camping, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking. You can also use it for reading, leaving you hands-free.

12. Portable Camera tripod

What’s a trip without pictures of beautiful moments and views? A travel tripod improves photography by helping you get the best out of your camera by photographing longer exposures, capturing landscapes, and taking group pictures or selfies while keeping it steady without blurry shots from shakes or unsteadiness.

Portable Camera tripod
Tripod in place, to take those beautiful shots.

13. Packing cubes

They’re particularly useful for organizing personal items and making them easier to find in your luggage. They come in various sizes and can be used as a cosmetic or laundry bag. Clothes remain wrinkle-free whether you fold or roll them.

14. Travel cord organizers or holders

These are excellent for keeping charger cords or cables organized during travel. They prevent your wires from getting into twisted knots and spare you the headache associated with untangling and untying cords.

15. 11 in 1 survival wallet tool

Imagine having a quick need for a bottle opener or a screwdriver while on a trip, a wallet tool comes in useful because it features 11 everyday tools for fixes and adjustments.

16. Scratch Travel maps

Travel maps allow for travellers to keep track of their trips and adventures. With a coin or toothpick, gently scratch off the part(s) of the world you’ve visited. You’re simply motivated to seek out new places, new cultures, and explore the world more with travel maps.

17. Travel books

If you have a frequent traveller on your holiday gift list who enjoys reading, then travel books are the ideal gift for them. You can get immersed into the world of travel with a good travel book, that vividly describes places you haven’t seen.

Get travel books for your trip
Travel books

18. External battery pack or power banks

It simply recharges your devices such as cameras, phones, and kindles when you’re out of power or on the go. You need not worry anytime there’s power outage. Power banks to the rescue. They’re convenient, portable, and easy to carry around while at home or when you’re on the move such as hiking, cycling, and touring on foot or in a vehicle.

19. Passport Holder

A passport holder is important if you travel frequently. It provides enough protection for your passport and keeps it neat, new and free from wear and tear. Additionally, it can accommodate other personal items like debit or credit cards, ID cards, boarding passes, and extra cash.

20. Speech translation earphones

With this technological innovation, which translates foreign languages for you in real-time, you never have to worry about language barriers. It also allows you to stream music online and make phone calls.

21. Portable Speakers

Enjoy a quiet time on the balcony of your hotel room with an amazing view as cool music seeps out, through the Speakers. Portable speakers also enhance sound quality when trying to watch a movie from your laptop or television.

Gone through the entire list? We’re confident that now, regardless of your spending limit, you can decide on the perfect Christmas travel gift for you or for that frequent traveller on your holiday list.

Be your own Santa or someone else’s Santa this holiday season.

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