While travel may be hectic sometimes, it sure can be rewarding when done the right way.
It is no news that there’s a long standing myth about travel being an expensive venture meant only for the rich; this thought or belief has lingered for a long while. Travelling abroad doesn’t involve breaking the bank or going bankrupt to achieve, rather, it requires taking the right steps and being creative about making money and saving. Just as we make futuristic plans for other projects in our lives or careers, travelling abroad should be approached the same way.

Here is how you can travel abroad without worrying about how to finance it:


Woman making a budget

Where and when to go?

First, decide where you want to go as the destination will be a determinant for your budget. After you decide on the destination, proceed to make a list of what your ideal trip abroad should be. Travelling on a budget requires you to make smart decisions and choices without compromising your comfort and safety. Getting a rough estimate on the total travel cost will guide you on how to go about making that budget. Once you have a destination in mind, knowing when to travel comes next. It’s no secret that travelling during peak or holiday seasons like summer, thanksgiving, and Christmas is rather expensive as flight and hotel fares skyrocket because of high demand. Picking a travel time during off-season is a wise choice to make.

Proceed to check accommodations

Approximate the cost of accommodation at your destination. Find out how much it would cost for a not-so-fancy hotel room. For solo travel, a cheap and neat hostel can be an option. Airbnb is a good alternative for group or family trips.


Find out the cost of living in your destination and work out a daily cost on feeding. Eating street foods like the locals or cooking your meals is a cost-effective way.


As for local transportation, bus rides or long walks can help save costs instead of taxis. Cheap car rentals can also be a great option, especially for family trips.

Flexibility and discipline are fundamental when making a travel budget. The purpose of a travel budget is to cut cost, save money and ensure that your travel expectations are met. Knowing what your priorities are will help you plan your budget and spend your money wisely. You may then create a budget that will help you reach your saving goal once you have an estimation of your overall travel expenses, including money for emergencies and unforeseen travel needs.

However, if your total travel expenses exceed your financial target, it just might be time to revisit the budget and make appropriate adjustments.

How do I save money for travel?

Watch your expenses

Expenses are inevitable but some can be avoided or minimized. You shouldn’t have to pay that sum each month on a gym membership when you never really visit the gym nor are you committed to the fitness journey. Or buy a large data plan that you never use up which eventually runs over to the next month or expires.

It is important to watch your daily or monthly expenses, then know where and what to cut back or eliminate. Prioritize your expenses and limit your expenditure to items you need. A little splurge on a craving or want can be encouraged once in a while but try to avoid impulsive purchases.

Track your purchases

Document on a spreadsheet, every purchase or payment made daily. This would help you know what and how you spend your money and make necessary adjustments.

Track your purchases

Reduce your utility bills

Stop water from running when shaving or brushing teeth, get an energy audit done, take shorter showers, purchase energy-efficient appliances, turn off electric light bulbs and unplug electronics when not in use.

Sell your crap

Sell that old refrigerator or furniture that has been sitting in your storage room for years without being in use. Go round the house and thoroughly check for those things you’ve hoarded for so long that are not in use and sell them; you may not make a significant sum from the sales but sell them, anyway.

Save those coins

It is rather important to cultivate the habit of saving every little penny knowing you have a trip in future. It could be tips from a service rendered, monetary gifts from family and friends or even spare change from purchases. Every penny counts. The journey to saving for a trip abroad can either be short or long, depending on how responsible and committed you are to achieving that saving goal.

Save for travel

Start cooking more

Eating out all the time is expensive and this may hinder your saving goal. Buy good quality groceries and make your meals at home.

Lady cooking to save extra costs

Save smart

Visit the bank or do some research on the best ways to save your money that will earn you high interest.

Reduce visits to social events

Invite friends over for movie or game nights instead of frequent visits to the club or movie theaters. Have fun in the comfort of your home while saving money.

Make money on the side

Getting a side hustle to complement your full time job is one way to boost your income. It could be waiting tables at restaurants, selling wares or teaching lessons online in your spare time. If you find it difficult to decide on the side jobs to take, go online and do some research on what jobs match your skill set or interest.

Get a side hustle

It takes a certain level of commitment and willpower to plan a budget and stick to it.
Remember that how much money you’ve saved will determine the length and quality of your travel.

The more you save, the closer it is to reach your savings and travel goal.

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